En av SSPMs medlemmar tillika styrelsens ordförande har idag varit med och startat en insamlingsstiftelse för att främja ”patient blood management”, vilket var tema på SSPMs höstmöte 2018. Se nedan upprop:


To promote and support implementation of Patient Blood Management (PBM) for healthcare in the Nordic region including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark, in line with the definitions and recommendations of WHO and the European Commission for their membership countries, Nordic Patient Blood Management Foundation/Insamlingsstiftelse has today been founded.

The purpose of PBM is to improve quality of care, patient safety and use of health care resources by reducing unnecessary risks associated with blood transfusions and anaemia using a systematic approach to blood management. In 2010 the World Health Assembly Resolution WHA63.12 endorsed PBM including the three-pillar concept “bearing in mind that patient blood management means that before surgery every reasonable measure should be taken to optimise the patient’s own blood volume, to minimise the patient’s blood loss and to harness and optimise the patient-specific physiological tolerance of anaemia”.

By this fundraising call, we ask for contributions to the foundation from both organisations and the public. Please contact Agneta Wikman at agnetatw@gmail.com if you wish to know more.


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